Things that bug me

Edited for the ladies ;)

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11 thoughts on “Things that bug me

  1. Amanda Rose says:

    I’m really liking the edited version ;)

  2. zoolsterr says:

    lol @ “edited for the ladies”

  3. candycanecoolio says:

    You really need to think with your head, if you get what I’m saying. And…*shudders* thanks… that was sarcasm. 1st post was funny. is that some deep-rooted fear or scar or something *gets psychology book out* and how does that make you feel…

  4. candycanecoolio says:

    mmmhmm… and did you find leapord print underwear ties or other things in your parents closet? Or, perhaps, something worse? We must confront this head on, as it could cause you problems as soon as you see a leapord print shirt, which could be any day now!

  5. candycanecoolio says:

    As is the danger of the Daleks… but we must not go into that at this moment in time. I shall evaluate these notes and come back later. *gets up and goes to desk, puts glasses on, and glares at notes trying not to laugh at the idiocy of your fear* Leapord pring…*bites lip trying to keep in smile*

  6. candycanecoolio says:

    Okay, after much thinking… I have come to this conclusion… to get over you fear, you must wear at least one leapord print item a week, and at least one of them must be underwear. This is my decision. Do with it what you will.

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